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Custom Filters

Custom UV-IR Filters

T>90% 400nm-678nm
T>98% 416nm-672nm
Material: Optical glass

CAD $89.00

Feeling adventurous to modify your camera yourself?

Since Nikon D5300, D5500 and D5600 have become the most popular camera models that we sell and service, we decided to provide an opportunity for amateur astrophotographers to modify their cameras themselves. We have high quality, pre-cut UV/IR filters for your own DIY project!

These filters were developed in collaboration with an optical lab specifically for astrophotography needs. The coatings were developed to pass visible light, H-alpha (656nm) and Sulphur II (672nm) wavelengths. The filters have anti-reflective coatings to significantly reduce possible reflections. Sensor calibration is not necessary as these custom filters match the OEM filter thickness.

Please note, although the filters are high quality and have passed quality control tests, they require careful installation in a clean environment. It is safe to use sensor cleaning swabs and 99% IPA to clean inadvertent smudges or dust. You agree to take all responsibility for filter installation and disassembly of you camera. Please Contact Us if you need a custom sized UV/IR or clear glass filter.