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Whether you are an amateur astrophotographer or you are planning to try IR or UV photography, you can order your camera conversion service on this page.

Not sure which modification option best suits your needs?
Check out our FAQ Page to familiarize yourself with the various modification options we offer and find the one for you.

If your camera model is not listed, please Contact Us for details and a quote.

All modified camera sensors are calibrated to work properly with built-in autofocus system. We use brand specific 50mm F/1.8 lenses for sensor calibration. This is typically sufficient for most lenses to work properly.

A message to Canon EOS R series owners. Many RF lenses have internal IR leaks and are not suitable for photography with modified cameras. However these cameras can still be used with telescopes, manual lenses or Canon EF lenses with an EF to RF adapter.

Our current processing time is one week. Please note that this does not include return shipping time. We also offer urgent service for an additional fee, as well as one or two day shipping. Please Contact Us for details. Quick delivery may be affected by weather, courier service disruptions and other circumstances. However this occurs very rarely.

* These camera models have an internal IR monitoring light that causes leaks in full spectrum, IR and H-alpha converted cameras. Particularly, it becomes noticeable at ISO 1600 and higher and exposures over one minute.

Please do not hesitate and Contact Us if you have any questions about your specific camera model or available conversion options. We will gladly answer your questions and help you take your camera to the next level in your photography adventure.

Ordering conversion service is very simple!
1. Choose your camera model and conversion option.
2. Add to cart and proceed to checkout.
3. Pay for your order and return shipping.
4. You will receive an email with shipping instructions within 24 hours.
5. Ship your camera to us.
6. We will modify your camera and ship it back to you.

Every camera we service goes through a complete testing procedure twice: before modification and right after. We make sure that every camera body leaving our hands is fully functional and complies with our service standards.

Shipping tips
Please do not send you camera body to us in the original box as the box will not be returned. Instead, we recommend to package the camera body in bubble wrap and use a suitable box to fit the camera in. This will protect your camera from accidental drops during shipping.