Digital Camera Modifications: INFRARED | FULL SPECTRUM | ASTRO


Nikon D5300

Sensor size: APS-C
Resolution: 6000 × 4000 pixels (24MP)
Included: Camera body, battery, charger

CAD $755.00

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The cameras in the Pre-Order section are not in stock. The lead time before shipping will be two to four weeks depending on product availability. The camera models that we sell have been extensively tested to make sure they have no internal IR leaks and are suitable for long exposure photography. Automatic sensor cleaning is disabled in most converted cameras. Every camera we service goes through a complete testing procedure twice: before modification and right after. We make sure that every camera body leaving our hands is fully functional and complies with our service standards.

All modified camera sensors are calibrated to work properly with the built-in autofocus system unless otherwise requested. We use brand specific 50mm F/1.8 lenses for sensor calibration. This is typically sufficient for most lenses to work properly.

A message to Canon EOS R series owners: many RF lenses have internal IR leaks and are not suitable for photography with modified cameras. However these cameras can still be used with telescopes, manual lenses or Canon EF lenses with an EF to RF adapter.