How To Order

  • Begin by navigating to the “Contact” page on the Night Sky Camera website and telling us the camera you have and explaining the conversion you wish to be performed.
  • After discussing the details of your desired modification, you will receive the confirmation to ship your camera by email. The shipping address is likewise provided in an email and is not posted on the website. You are responsible for sending your camera body with a fully charged battery to us and for obtaining your own shipping insurance. You can use any carrier of your choice, though we encourage our Canada-based customers to use Canada Post and our US-based customers to use USPS. For US based customers the inbound customs fee is 15% of the declared cost of the camera shipped to Night Sky Camera. This amount will be included in the final service fee.
  • At this stage we will test your camera to determine the initial condition, modify the camera according to your request, and finally rigorously test the camera once more to ensure that our quality standard is upheld.
  • After completing the modification process, we will promptly ship the camera back to you using an expedited shipping method with a standard flat rate shipping fee of CAN$30 within both Canada and the US.